Why in the world would I want to write a book?

“Everyone has a book inside them – But it doesn’t do any good until you pry it out” – Jodi Picoult.  

Why do people write books? There are a myriad of answers to this.  Some people have a story to tell.  Be it fiction or non fiction. Be it a children’s book, or erotica.  Be it a “How To” or a personal finance book.  The topics are just as endless as the reasons themselves.  For our purposes today, I am going to focus in on just one simple reason: Authority.

When you become a published author, the perception of you changes instantly.  It gives you instant credibility.  It creates an aura of knowledge and success.  You almost instantly become a perceived expert in your field.  And after all, perception is everything, especially in the online world.  Ever hear the expression “It must be true, I read it online.” Well, thats the reality we live in today.

But let’s use these powers for good, and not for evil.  Let’s utilize the power of the pen to help bring forth good and powerful thoughts and ideas.  While we are at it, let’s also use the power of the pen to help further your career, or help build the bridge to establish yourself in a new category.  Being a published author lends you one more layer of authority to your resume.  When people google your name, your book will appear in that search. Under your credentials you can officially add “Author of ——–“

quoteIn this modern age, we have the ability to get this all done without the need of a publisher.  We don’t need to take an expensive gamble and publish several hundred copies of a book that we don’t know will sell.  In this new world of digital publishing, we have become a self serve society.  You can know publish our own e-book for free.  It sounds daunting, if not impossible, huh?  But I assure you these days, writing the book is the hard part.  Getting published online is the easy part. You can give it as much or as little as exposure as you desire.  

It can be as simple as creating a PDF version of an ebook to present to your peers.  You can use this ebook as a lure for people to “opt in” to your website.  You can also take it to another level and self publish your book on a bevy of digital publishing platforms, such as Kindle, iBooks, etc…

So as technology gets simpler with each passing day, you are also running out of excuses as to why you are not becoming a published author.  Don’t think it’s too difficult.  Don’t think you’re not worthy. Don’t think you don’t have it in you.  After all everyone has a book inside of them.  At least that’s what the quote says… 

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