Work smarter, not harder

There is too much to do and so little time to do it.

If this is the case, then why not maximize your output?  Sounds easier said than done, huh?  Well, not really.  It’s actually pretty darn easy after I learned a very cool technique from Internet marketer, Matt Wolfe in a course he developed called the Content Business Machine.  This course shows you multiple ways to get yourself up and running in the internet marketing world… It pretty much covers all bases and removes all barriers and excuses of what may be holding you back from getting started!

The principle of working smarter and not harder is to take a piece of your quality work, and for lack of a better word, chop it up into other types of content. Wespend far too much time looking to develop unique content for several different outlets.  It gets exhausting, and it also exhausts all your brilliant ideas way too quickly!

Some content will be posted and published for free, such as 

An ebook or report used to entice readers to fill out an opt in form

Develop an email series

Discussion on a podcast

Blog Posts

Syndicated articles (Medium, Huff Report, etc)

Develop Infographics or checklists

Social media engagement

and much, much more

And even better, why not profit on the same content in several different ways??

Sell your book.  Potentially republish with more current information (As time goes on, new trends, technologies, etc need to be addressed)

Develop an Audio Book of same book

Develop a course for sale (multiple ways to tackle this)


Now, what if we took this book you’ve been working on for months now, and reformatted it to suit these different outlets. The amazing thing is, while we go through the process of recycling the content from chapter three (for example) to all these alternative content sites we can go through the motions yet again with the topic of chapter five if applicable, then chapter seven, etc…  So imagine that? Using one chapters worth of unique content and getting it distributed among multiple platforms, then being able to take the exact same process and do it again with your content in a different chapter.

Obviously, Using a book this way is great if each chapter is totally different and unique.  Some books it is not possible to do this with, as the entire book covers a single topic.  But I wanted to illustrate the potential immenseness of this strategy

Do you see what I am getting at here?  It is not plagiarizing, because it is your own work.  It is not cheating, or being lazy either for that matter.  What you are doing is repurposing your own work into more suitable sizes and topics for these other outlets.  You could literally turn your book into 8-10 alternative types of creative writing.

The plus side is you are whetting the palate of potential book readers by giving them tidbits of your knowledge and skill.  You are cross promoting your different social media and news outlets all while not repeating the same information all over the place.  You are ultimately hopefully gaining new eyeballs on your blog, gaining new opt ins to your email list, and showing the world your talents, skills and ultimately gaining new fans!

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