Udemy – Learn anything… and I mean anything.

Have you heard of Udemy?  If it hasn’t been on your radar yet, it is now. And I have a feeling you will be utilizing this site more often than you think.

39197_64If you have any interest in learning a new skill, or getting more in depth knowledge on a subject, this is THE place you want to be.  Udemy is the ideal place to go and learn a new skill, be in hi tech (like App development or anything internet related), or holistic (like Yoga and numerology) and LITERALLY everything in between.  Are there others sites that do the same or similar? Absolutely.  Bt view Udemy as the Amazon of education.  You can get anything all in one place…

I have learned many new skills from the courses over at Udemy. And I have turned some into instant money earning propositions.  I learned about selling on Amazon, and now sell several thousand a month on that platform (and aim to do 5 figures a month on there in the near future).  I took a course on WordPress, and this very blog you are reading is the fruits of that labor.

The great thing about this new world we live in is that you get instant gratification even when it comes to an education.  Even more importantly, you now get to tailor your education to exactly what suits your needs.  Look, I am not going to sh*t on our colleges in the great country of ours.  It serves a great purpose, especially if you are going into a specific niche (medicine, law, trades, etc…).  I just know for me personally, it was a great waste of money and time (although i had THE BEST TIME for 4 years straight!).

The things I learned served me no real purpose, and much of what I learned was outdated just a short time later.  (Mind you, when I went to college, they were teaching computer language courses like BASIC, COBOL and DBASE).  In this day and age you have the opportunity to pick up a skill, and EARN from it IMMEDIATELY.  You can learn a skill today, and build a website selling that skill tomorrow, or create an O-Desk offer or a Fiverr offer selling that skill.

Check out Udemy and for a very limited time, you can purchase nearly any course for only $19.00  That’s right, ONLY $19!!!

Now, go grab a course, get learning, and PROFIT FROM IT!!!


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