Top 10 ways to generate content ideas?

Content Flow Chart BlackboardIt’s a question that held me back from finally beginning a blog of my own for months, if not years.

I know, my site looks lame, but at least I finally got off my ass to get one up and running!

Hopefully, it will improve over time!

But back to the topic at hand…

How do people create their blog topics???

Well, theres a few obvious way:

Steal other sites content and repackage it as their own.  Unethical and wrong, yet probably the most common I am guessing.

Have original thoughts and ideas that they need to get off their chest.  This is what held me back for so long. Until I discovered a few tricks.  It never really dawned on me that nearly every major search engine or social media platform has some form of way to track their trends.  My idol, Gary Vaynerchuk exposed this simple little trick and they got drilled into me and broke down the majority of my barriers to entry. (My other barriers being laziness and fear of mockery)


So here we go… the easiest ways to know what people are talking about out there:

  1. Google Trends I mean how cool is that? An endless supply of relevant content
  2. Google Alerts Get messages sent to you on keywords and niches that you choose
  3. Twitter Trends  I’m not really much of a Twitter guy, but apparently hundreds of millions of people are…
  4. BuzzSumo Damn Cool! Pick you topic, your type of medium, your time frame, and BAM!! This is rapidly becoming my best friend.
  5. FaceBook Trending – It’s in the top right corner of your FB page. – Up to the minute annoyingness – Yet essential when you need something to rant about
  6. Ask Your fans/Friends/Followers – Theres a novel idea, huh? Get up close and personal and ask what people care about these days… Something that seems so obvious, yet gets lost more and more each passing day.
  7. HubSpot Throw in 3 random nouns, and HubSpot rattles off a bunch of potential topics for you. Pretty damn cool!
  8. Portent Similar to hubSpot… Just quick, easy and cool!
  9. Visit websites in your relevant niche.  Not as exciting as the above, but gets the juices flowing.
  10. SocialMention Eavesdrop on blogs, news organizations and websites in a keyword of your choice.

So there you go.  No more excuses. Get a blog up and running if you don’t already, and start writing!

FYI, I got this topic by going to HubSpot….




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