Where to go. What to do.

We all heard of Facebook, right?  Half of us probably even have a FB window open right now, or are scrolling through it on our phones as we speak. It’s so damn easy getting caught up in it that before you know it half the day  has gone by. FB has mastered the game in every aspect.

I’m sure you also heard of the other big names in the game: Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, and a few others.

But do you also knman drawing business conceptow about the other few hundred social media sites that are trying their darndest to capture your kids’ attention? Names like Vine and Tumblr and Reddit and Flickr and Friendster and Hi5 and Meerkat and Google+ (yes Google is still trying to make it work) and so many other names…

Small companies (and large ones too for that matter)  are frantically trying to have a presence on all of these sites at once.  It’s an impossible task.  If you were to focus on all of these sites all the time you’d have no time to get any real work done.


My recommendation: STOP trying to be everywhere for everyone. Simply focus on where your customers are.  Choose 2 or 3 social media sites that matter to you (for now) and thats where you need to spend a few minutes a day.  My other thought: Be AUTHENTIC! There is nothing more nauseating to the modern consumer that being sold to while on these sites.  They want to be spoken to.  Make your content compelling, relevant and real, and they will stick around.  Bt if you shove your product down their throat you will be exiled to Siberia.  You know that saying “You only have one chance to make that first impression”….  Make it count!

You see, if you are trying to grab a mom’s attention, why bother looking at Snapchat if she never heard of it, or doesn’t know how to use it.  If you want to focus of teenagers, well, theres a great chance they already threw Facebook in the garbage.  They are (and always will be) a few  steps ahead of their parents when it comes to social media.

I am not saying keep all those other “B list” sites off your radar. I’m just saying spend your time, resources, and money wisely.  You definitely want to know what else is out there.  Certain ones will make great sense for you to look further into it, and others simply will not be a match for your biz, and thats OK!!   Focus on the ones that you think will be right for you, and more importantly, for your audience.

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