Publishing Beyond Kindle

The digital publishing universe is a vast expanse.  Kindle of course, is the 800 pound gorilla.  The first name people think of when ebooks comes up.  And they are terrific at what they do.  There is no denying that.  But if you have a book you are looking to get on the market, they are merely one of many top tier publishing companies. Other big players with a rapidly growing market share are iTunes and Google Play, among several others.

iTunes has the backing of Apple.  Do you think they would be involved if they didn’t intend on having massive market share.  And Google has their Play store, which hasn’t even begun to put their Google muscle behind their marketing efforts.  These two players alone are poised for MASSIVE growth in the very near future.  They have already been growing like gangbusters. Apple had a built in icon for their book store.  Google has their Google Play app which is rapidly gaining traction.  These are eyeballs to a captive audience in addition to the Kindle stratosphere.

So I am always puzzled as to why people rush to only publish and leave all these other opportunities by the way side.  I say expand your horizons.  Leverage your already completed book.  You did all the heavy lifting already by writing.  Getting it uploaded to new platforms is a cinch. Multiply to revenue streams exponentially by utilizing these other book stores.

My friend Debbie and I developed a tutorial designed to to get people uploaded QUICKLY to these book stores, as well as to several others.  They are super simple to follow videos.  And If I can do it, trust me then anybody can!  It’s called Publishing Beyond Kindle

Debbie has been in the publishing world for several years now. She really knows her stuff! She was cool enough to throw in MANY MANY BONUSES.  So If you are in the digital publishing world, then you want to be a part of this…

You can also read a little more here


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