The power of knowledge

It is absolutely incredible what the digital age has brought us.  We know the powers of computing has delivered us: social media, shopping online, gaming,  and any of thousands of other useful ways the internet has made our world smaller and easier to function in.

Most of us are also aware of online education.  Remote learning has changed the ways people are getting their college credits. Online courses allow us the ability to work a full time job all the while taking courses toward a  goal of bettering ourselves.  Mind blowing.

However the advent of online learning has also been fine tuned to the point where I believe there is no longer a need for a college education.  YES, you certainly do need a formal education if you are going for a professional career in medicine, law, accounting, and many other areas where specific learnings are required. However, I am speaking for the person that has the goal of being self employed, or the person that simply can’t afford the outrageous prices these days.  There are viable options for the self motivated and hungry individuals out there,

What do I mean by this?  With online sites such as Udemy, Lynda, Open Learning, and many others, you are now able to learn specific skills in specific areas and INSTANTLY begin earning a living.  No longer is a need for a 4 year diploma when you can learn a topic, and earn ASAP.

And to make matters even better, many courses are free or extremely cheap!  You don’t need to spend $2500 to learn the art of selling on Amazon, Ebay or even Etsy.  Selling online is more intricate that in seems at first glance.  It is an art and a science to properly listing your products these days.  Finding products to sell online is an entire industry in itself.  There is retail arbitrage. Online arbitrage.  Wholesale. Liquidation. Auctions. And each has its own strategies to help yourself succeed.  Point is, these courses are packed with videos to walk you through every nuance and strategy, and it makes your like 1000 times easier and rapidly increases your chances of success.



If you have a passion for writing, You can learn the art of digital publishing, and become a legitimate book publisher and begin your path toward earning online via selling your own products on sites like Itunes, Amazon Kindle, Google Play, and many, many other digital publishing platforms.  Each site has its own policies, and each site has its own way of uploading all the data.  Thus the reason for a quick online course to make life easier and profitable for you!  You can also parlay this niche into writing books for others as a ghost writer (there is a huge market for this) or if you are even slightly skilled in the art arena, you can create digital book covers and sell them to that same niche audience.  It really is as simple as it sounds.  I know, because I have been selling books online for nearly three years now.

If you have knowledge or passion in any given topic, you can learn how to create online courses and  teach others how to do the same.  This is a massive field online field.   Its almost as simple as it sounds: Develop your own courses and sell them on sites like Udemy and the others mentioned above.  There are courses that teach you everything you need to know: From creating power point presentations, to audio and video recording, to the marketing of these courses.  I am not technologically advanced at all, and I managed to get a courses up and running on Udemy in a matter of 3 days.


I only listed a couple of online business options, trust me when I tell you there is a limitless way to succeed in an online business, which in turn allows you to be self employed, which in turn leads to a life of freedom!!




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