The one word that single handedly can be my best friend or my arch enemy.

When I am onto a hot idea or plan, there is no stopping me.  I get the thought, the adrenaline and the blinders. I am off to the races!

On the flip side, when I get writers block, or my brain is fried, or I quite simply find myself binging on a season of Breaking Bad (FYI Better Call Saul is shaping up to be a killer show!), breaking out of the doldrums is a task like no other.  It requires  real focus and intestinal fortitude to utilize the tools and skills that I’ve picked up from the great writers that I’ve indulged in through the years.

To offer you a bland list of the generic top 10 business books would be unfair.  Unfair to the authors that have changed the way things are done these days in the office.  Unfair to you, the reader, for simply regurgitating the same list of books you’ve probably read in 16 other blog  And unfair to me.  Well, actually it would be damn easier on me to do this actually.

All kidding aside, there are some books, podcasts, and trainings that have actually transformed the way I think and go about doing things.  And I’m not even just saying that.  Some of these guys (and gals) are quite literally geniuses that are transformative in their thinking and the way they tackle certain issues.

Gary Vaynerchuk – If you don’t know who he is by now, you clearly have your head up your ass. (Or in the sand, whatever you prefer) – His thoughts on social media have been prophetic.  He holds no punches, says it like he sees it.  He also has a daily podcast that is quick, informative and fun #askgaryvee  Check out for his books, keynotes and other great stuff.  Make sure you check out  #AskGaryVee 

ET The Hip Hop Preacher – Eric Thomas is in your face about the realities of you being the creator of your own destiny.  I highly recommend watching some of his YouTube videos to get your juices flowing once again.  My favorite is: When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful

Entrepreneur On Fire – A killer podcast!! Daily interviews of successful entrepreneurs.  Not your typical kiss ass type interview.  John lee Dumas makes sure they get into the tribulations as well as the triumphs.






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