Gurus: Smoke and Mirrors or the real deal?

What’s your first thoughts when you hear the terms: Leader, Expert or Guru?  I know my first image is of someone with many years experience, with some breakthrough skill set and with somewhat of a superstar persona.  But how do you know if they are the real deal, or just pretty packaging

What makes them more of an authority on a particular topic than you or me?  Do you ever ask yourself how they got that title, or how they got to where they are?

More importantly, how do we get YOU to where THEY are?  Do you have expertise in a certain area or field?  Do you have the DESIRE and HUSTLE to get your knowledge and message out to the world?Do you want to escalate your game to be THE household name when it comes to being an authority on___________ ?

What if I told you there is a not  so magical formula to get you where they are?  Are you worried about not having the computer skills to make it happen?

Don’t worry,  I have the road map that can turn any novice into the next household name.  I have the affordable tools.  I have a sensible plan.  And after making all the necessary errors, I know which pitfalls to avoid…

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