Great Idea, now what?

Let’s take a look at a problem that most creative people have: too many good ideas!

You have probably encountered the “feast or famine” of great ideas at some point. In the cold light of day, they all seem to slink away and hide under mental bushes, digging their heads into the sand and doing their best to ignore you.

But you need to grab those ideas by the tail, pull ’em up out of that barren ground and start farming them.

What you need is a method to process ideas.

Getting Things Done guru, David Allen wrote a bestselling book about time management that clarifies how idea management will create a more streamlined and productive task flow.

To begin with, you need a method of capturing ideas. When you don’t have a method of capturing ideas, you tend to begin feeling overwhelmed. Your mind is full of all these ideas that you juggle – and as you juggle them you feel stressed because you’re not taking action on any of them except to constantly evaluate whether they are good ideas or not.

The idea behind getting things done is to write those ideas down. Get them saved in some kind of app or device – even if it’s a note pad and pen beside your bed.

Next, evaluate the ideas. You don’t need to do this straight away – and often it makes more sense to leave these ideas a while so that you don’t act impulsively only to end up realizing you made a bad decision.

Process your ideas. Decide which ones are immediately beneficial, which ones require immediate action, which ones are “someday” ideas, and which can just get flat-out dumped.

In this way, you are moving your ideas along a conveyor belt and will understand how to best prioritize them, rather than having a bunch of random thoughts – often about vastly different aspects of your life – fighting for space in your mind.

How exactly you want to capture your ideas to get them out of your head and create some of that laser focus you want so badly, is up to you.

Most productive people use a combination of different methods because they understand that ideas can strike at any time and it’s not always useful to depend on the one method. Sure, you may love your Evernote app, but can you take it into the shower? And if you wake in the middle of the night, will your partner forgive you for opening up your iPhone and waking them with the blings of a thousand notifications?

It’s important that you just do something – anything to get ideas from your head onto paper (digital or otherwise) and look back over them after a settling period, to decide on further action.


  • ✓  Ideas can create businesses purely by solving problems that others haven’t taken the time to solve
  • ✓  Creative people can find and develop supporting products and services for new or established businesses by looking at new technology and asking how they can use it to solve those problems
  • ✓  Establishing a profitable business as an “ideas” person is possible if you can delegate the work to other experts
  • ✓  There has been a change in attitude towards the value creative people bring to business
  • ✓  Business people now recognize that creativity is an important part of business, not just a “nice to have”
  • ✓  Ideas can be so powerful they can change the way we think on a global scale
  • ✓  Powerful ideas live on aHer us in books, influencing genera8ons to come



    ✓ Promote a creative atmosphere

    ✓ Routine is a huge enemy of ideas.

    ✓ Don’t dismiss fiction
    ✓ Write
    ✓ Embrace Your Inner Hippy

    ✓  Mix and Match Existing Ideas

    ✓  Come Up With a Lot of Ideas

    ✓  Create The Right Atmosphere

    ✓  Declutter

    ✓  Meditate

    ✓  Reassess the Objective

    ✓  Brainstorm

    ✓  Use Mind Mapping Apps

    ✓  Ideas can be generated using a lot of different methods – mix and match to get the best results

    ✓  Idea genera8on depends very much on allowing participants feel comfortable about the process and their role in it

    ✓  Think outside of just you and your organization – look for ideas from others such as forums and customers

    ✓  Understand the role of idea capture software and where it should be used in the idea genera8on process

    ✓  Understand the roles of brainstorming and mind mapping in idea genera8on and how to perform both


    ✓ Brainstorm
    ✓ Mind Map
    ✓ Build on Existing Ideas

    ✓ Leave the Problem Alone and Come Back to It

✓ Have Fun

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