Use Google More

Thats right, I said it. Google is the mack daddy of search engines, we all know that. But are you aware of the dozens of other tools and apps that Google offers to make our lives so much easier?

Check them ALL out here:

Heres just a small sampling:
Google Insights – Want to see how popular a certain keyword is? Use Google Insights to see if your keywords are gaining or losing popularity over time. You can search by region and find out what’s popular during certain times of the year, like the holidays.

Google Analytics – Monitor the results of your (or your clients’) website traffic and where that traffic comes from. The graph view is especially handy to visually see when your website traffic goes up and down so you can better understand how to capitalize on the actions that caused traffic to increase.

Google Calendar – This is indispensable to me. Automatically syncs your phone, tablet and computer’s calendars instantly. You can share the calendar with your team and your clients and best of all – you can have different calendars for different purposes (family, internal meetings, client meetings, etc.). You can choose to see them all at once, or turn calendars on and off to see one at a time.

Google Hangouts – Use either messaging, video, or voice, or all at the same time to either one person or to a group of people. Also your their on air version for live webinars. Awesome!

Check them ALL out here:

Google Trends     Google Documents    Google Maps

Google Adsense    Youtube    Google Play

Picaso   Cloud Print    Google Drive    

See what I mean…??

Check them ALL out here:

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