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You have a blog, website, or product that you spent hours on end creating and perfecting. AWESOME!

Now what?  It’s all pointless if you don’t get visitors to your site.  No one will ever read your message, or buy your products.  You will be sitting in the internet black hole so to speak.

So what’s the solution? Generate TRAFFIC!!   But how do we go about it?  There are literally 100’s of ways to generate traffic to your site. Some are free, some are paid. They all work if done correctly. But it sure can seem overwhelming when you look at the task at hand.  Once again, So what’s the solution?  Focus on only a couple of traffic sources, as opposed to attempting 27 different traffic sources.  Why?  It’s better to zone in on a couple of ways and perfect these before even considering looking at other options.

Just like any other hobby or skill, it takes time to hone your traffic building skills. Imagine your playing a video game.  You can’t just jump to level 126 and expect to know how to slay the dragon.  You need to begin at level one.  Pick up some skills and weapons along the way.  You can jump straight to an expert level, but would quickly get lost, confused, and disheartened.

I suggest taking a deep breath, resolving to take your time and tackle it in a methodical manner.  You need to know your audience, and figure out where you can find your audience.  It’s pointless spending money on paid ads, or banners, or any other way unless the people that you want to see it, will actually see your message.

check out – It offers great lessons and traffic sources in a very slow and methodical manner.  You can follow along and develop skills in many different traffic tactics WITHOUT feeling overwhelmed.  It offers very easy to understand videos that are delivered to you monthly.  So you have the opportunity to tackle different traffic sources every single month.  It’s also incredibly cheap.  At $9.95 per month you will learn many, many tactics and sources.



Good luck and happy hunting!

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