Ebooks are here to stay

Ebooks are here to stay.  There is just no getting around it.  They rapidly grew from an item you read on a bulky kindle, to the mainstream normal way of getting your reading fix.  You can now download books everywhere. From your desktop to laptop to ipad, kindle and all the way down to the smallest of phones.  (Funny how quickly an ipad went from being “too small” to became “too big” to hold lol)Ebooks

People have yearned for books, education and knowledge for thousands of years.  Others enjoy anything from an intense fiction novel, to erotica, to mindless reading on their daily commute.

Digital publishing has turned a drive to the book store a thing of the past.  The joy of browsing the aisles and flipping through pages is gone.  Catching a whiff of freshly printed books is a distant memory.

We can get sentimental about it.  We can mourn the loss of tens of thousands of jobs.  We can also celebrate the real ability for nearly anyone to get any book on any topic on any device and anytime. This, to me, is the beauty of progress.

The other benefit as a reader is the advent of the .99 book (and in many cases free). You can now in an instant get an ebook on nearly every topic known to man.  We are also not limited to just one “book store”.  While everyone is aware of Kindle/Amazon.  Keep a look out for the dozens of other book stores out there.  The other big guys are of course iBooks and Google Play .  But if you peel back the search, you will discover names like Scribd and Kobo and Copia and many, many more.

I mention this just to show how vast the playing field has become.  I also mention it because no longer is the publishing business limited to the mega corporations the world.  At this stage of the game, ABSOLUTELY ANYONE CAN PUBLISH THEIR OWN BOOK.  I find this to be phenomenal.  With just a little bit of knowledge, a little bit of studying and research, and anyone can be a published author. (Pretty cool, huh?)

Much more to come on this subject….

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