Does Size Matter

Ask five people and you’ll get eleven answers on this very important topic!  But get your head out of the gutter for just a couple of moments to realize we are discussing the sizes of our ever increasing library of computers, ipads and cell phones.

It wasn’t too long ago when there weren’t choices in the matter.  A computer was a massive desktop unit, with a tower that weighed 40 pounds, and a monitor that was nearly as heavy as a television set, and the memory capabilities that were a joke.  My Commodore 64 had 64 KB of RAM. Not even MB, or heaven forbid GB or todays standard TB!  The storage devices were floppy disks back then.  Slow, loud, and held 1.2 MB of memory! Eventually we got ultra modern with the good ol 3.5″ floppy disk.  But then you had to know if you required DS/DD or DS/HD and a plethora of other technical details that the common folk could not relate to.  Heck, this was pre Microsoft and we had black and green screens where we had to use our noggin to learn BASIC, COBOL, DBASE, and any other ancient language.  Laptop computers were revolutionary at one point, and the price tag reflected it.   As with the progression of most electronic devices, they all began as ginormous and heavy and the price always reflected that as well.

I mean think back to the earliest VCR’s.  I recall our first one was $1100, it required rocket science to set up its recordings, or dare try watching one channel while taping a different channel. They were massive, they were loud and bulky,  and we were ecstatic with them!  Consider if you were on the losing side of the VCR wars… the betamax or the laser disc.  Those fools paid even more for items that became obsolete a month after they were released. Suckers! lol. FYI I just paid $49 for my Blu Ray DVD player!!

The race to shrinkage was on.  Smaller and lighter devices.  Bigger and thinner televisions.  Plasma TV’s were the rage until  LCD, then LED,  HDTV, then Ultra HD 4k, and the list goes on.  In the end, these days you can buy the cheapest flat screen TV and you will have a television that is light years better than the bunny ears we used to have to hold in place when we were kids.

Now we have tablets of all sorts, apple watches, and cell phones, all which possess more computing power than did the original Apollo space missions (for real!).  My twin 5 year old daughters have truly mastered the art of the ipad.  I do not say that to gloat.  I say it because what took me months to learn, they picked up in a matter of an afternoon.  Im proud, sure.  Im also stunned.  How did this become a part of our kids DNA in such a short time span?

The cell phones were originally in a race to get smaller.  At one point a dozen years ago I had one the size of a half of a hard boiled egg. But that took a drastic turn in the last few years.  After all, if we are going to binge watch the Walking Dead on our mobile devices I suppose we need a reasonably sized screen to do so!

So in the end, do you take more pride in your massive size or your shrinkage?

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