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The game has changed!  It is now a level playing field. It used to be that incredible computer skills was needed if you wanted to create anything of substance in the internet marketing world.  You would either need to hire an IT guy, find a specialist to turn your power point presentation into a reality or spend hundreds of dollars to find the right tool to attempt to do it yourself.

However these days, if you can copy and paste or click and drag, then there is a tool to do almost anything. And it will make you seem like you actually know what you are doing!!

Imagine that! We now have the ability to do things ourselves.  It won’t take us all day to accomplish the simplest of tasks either.

                                                Some are free, some are cheap and they all are pretty cool!

Jing – Awesome for grabbing a screen shot or to record a short video (up to 5 minutes in length) – You don’t realize how much you’ll use it, until you have it.

Image Resizer – Pretty raw looking site, but gets the job done quick and easy.  Allows you to resize your image (without needing any photo shopping skills at all!)

Pixlr – A free online photo editing tool.  Photoshop for free to put it simply.

Canva – Amazingly simple graphic design. Ohh, its fun and free too!  Needing Photoshop skills are a thing of the past (Ok, I’m exaggerating slightly)

Remove The Background – Cleans up the background of a photo. Great if you are going to sell on Amazon, Ebay, or for a clean pic for your website (A pay service)

Background Burner – A free version of the above tool.  Works very good, but if your livelihood is on the line (selling on Amazon) I would spend the few bucks to have it professionally done.

Name Generator – Need a pen name? Need a characters name for a book you are writing? This site creates an endless supply of unique names, so you can spend your time more usefully.

Evernote – The end all be all (in my estimation) when it comes to organizing your thoughts, words, projects, communications…. Syncs up automatically between all your devices for a constant flow

Simply Noise – Need some ambient sound while you are trying to concentrate or relax? Visit here for free soothing background noise

Online Converter – This free site will convert nearly every file format into another desired format.  Will convert audio files, video, ebooks, images and much, much more!


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