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  1. Anne Wolfinger

    Hi Donnie, I’ve been working on publishing “Beyond KDP” and wondered if you knew that eSentral limits the number of titles you can publish when you select “self publisher” to 10 per year and a total of 25.
    Also, Google Play is not accepting new titles at present. Strange. Got 4 books up on Kobo, though, and 1 on the iBookstore.
    Anne Wolfinger

    1. donnienir (Post author)

      Hello Anne… I never heard this before. I have several dozen listed on e-sentral and several hundred on Google. You may want to get in touch with their customer service (for both)… Google you will never get on the phone, but they have instant messenger to communicate (quicker than email, and a continuous conversation). I hope this gets resolved for you!

  2. Dish


  3. donnienir (Post author)


  4. Randy

    Don Nir is the BEST !!!!

    Whatever you need to know, Don has the 411.

    1. donnienir (Post author)

      I love hearing that! Thanks Randy!


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