Buyer beware

Ever notice that the hottest new internet trend not only introduces a new theory or system or technology to the world, but is also brings out a whole new series of Guru’s that we are ‘lucky’ enough to have them teach it to us.  Line story is always the same. All too often they decide to finally open up their rolodex to us.  They are bored with just making money and want to share their knowledge and path to success with us.  So what do they do?  They create a new course to teach it to the world, usually with a very healthy price tag.

Now don’t get me wrong.  Some of these new approaches are fantastic. And some of the people creating these courses are legitimately successful and earnest in their desire to share their knowledge with the world.  But all too often, it is a wave of followers looking to do a money grab while the topic or trend is hot.  I find it interesting that within a couple of weeks of a revolutionary idea, come a tidal wave of others looking to teach it as if it their secret sauce. As if they have been using this very system for years.  It is quite literally a race to get their product out there before it becomes yesterdays news until the next hottest thing comes along.

So how do you discern who is real, and who is full of s**t?  In my opinion, its all about the steady voice of reason.  By that I mean the person that is not churning out courses and product every week or month on totally unrelated products.  The person that steadily puts out valuable content on a regular basis, and isn’t scatterbrained in deciding on what their specialty is.  The person that is brave enough to put themselves out there and sharing both the good and the bad results they have found.  This speaks volumes to me.  When someone can admit their shortfalls or failures in addition to their homeruns.  Now, these people are entitled to earn a living, so by all means yes, they should be putting out courses and products!  These are the courses you can trust, and have faith in.

Who should you avoid?? Great question!   Avoid people that are churning out courses in unrelated topics on a frequent basis.  All this tells me is they are either a copy cat of someone else’s expertise, or are a quick study and are teaching what they just recently learned. Run like the wind from people that create an air of urgency to get you to buy.  I am not referring to warning of price increases.  I mean those that build up your adrenaline to the point of if you don’t buy now, it may not be available tomorrow.  I mean, if you don’t have the luxury of thinking about it overnight, DON’T BUY IT.  If they don’t offer a 30 day money back guarantee (30 days at a minimum), do not buy!  In this day and age, a guarantee is a given in the online world, and if they do not offer one, do not trust their product or their intentions!  And lastly, TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS.  If you have the slightest feeling of something not being right, simply do not fork over your cash.  It’s as simple as that!

Look, learning new techniques are vital your your business and personal growth.  Just beware the source you are getting the information from.

Now go out there and learn something new!



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