Becoming an Expert

Seems like a daunting task.  Nearly impossible, huh?  However, every expert, leader or guru has started at the same exact place where you are now.  At Step One.

There is no over night answer to this quest of ours.  It all begins with, and ends with quality content.  Putting out valuable content to the marketplace is the only sure fire way to develop a reputable name for yourself in any given niche.  You know the expression “slow and steady wins the race”? Well, releasing content in a variety of formats on a steady basis is step one for your name to become synonymous with any given topic.

Where and how do you accomplish this?  It’s actually simpler than it seems.  You can choose from a variety of outlets.  The choices are near endless: articles, blog posts, You Tube videos, Periscope chats, Face Book posts and LinkedIn articles, are just a small handful to get the ball rolling.  I am not suggesting you want to be everywhere all the time. I would recommend choosing two or three outlets, and become consistent with your releasing of pertinent and highly valuable information.  Eventually people will relate your name with interesting and compelling content, and more importantly believable and trust worthy.

Do not hold back! Some people wonder if you should keep the best information back and release it in a paid format of a course, or training of some sort.  I say you give the best you have to offer, and when it does become time to monetize, you will dive deeper and deliver incredible content on top of your free information.

Do not rush it!  There is no short cut to expertise.  Without a stream of free content, people will not trust your name enough to purchase your programs or courses.  Would you pay $97 or $297 or $997 from a name you never heard of? Chances are you’d google their name and see what the quality of their other content is before making this decision!

DO not wait!  There is no time like the present!  It all begins with the very first blog post, or FB post or video.  Practice makes perfect.  Don’t hold back waiting for your content to be perfect.  It never will be.  Simply begin by clicking ‘send’ on your very first article or video NOW.

Not every piece of content is going to be a pulitzer prize winning piece.  That’s not the point, not yet at least.  Just get the ball rolling.  Let the world know who you are.  And don’t worry about how you look or sound.  You WILL GET BETTER WITH EACH NEW RELEASE OF CONTENT.  I promise.



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